Circuit Breaker Guard LOTO

Circuit Breaker Guard LOTO – Product Description

Part# 469A441

Control Switch Guard: Popular solution for Electroswitch breaker control switch or similar pistol-grip type circuit breaker control switches

Circuit Breaker Guard. This control switch guard is easy to install and attaches to in-service switches making it the perfect safety solution. No downtime. To install, remove the two top screws from your existing handle, slide the guard device into place, secure with hardware (included). Installs in minutes without having to power down.  Order Now.

(This device functions as both a guard and lockout device. We created a dedicated page for the device functioning as a circuit breaker guard because our customers often request this information.) 

Quick 5 Second Video Demonstration of the Circuit Breaker Guard:

Circuit Breaker Control Switch Guard

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Made in the U.S.A. 

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