Circuit Breaker Control Switch Guard Lockout and Protection Devicecontrol switch guard circuit breaker lockout

Circuit Breaker Lockout: Don’t just tag a switch off, lock it out with a Control Switch Lockout Device. Can be used with most pistol-grip type control switches. Functions as a Control Switch Guard and Lockout.

Circuit Breaker Control Switch GuardControl Switch Guard – See as “Guard Only”  

See the device in “Guard Only” mode. Works with Electroswitch, GE, and many other pistol-grip type control switches. Common applications include Power Substation Lockout and Guard, Offshore Vessel Lockout and Guard, Power Generation Plants, and many more.

469A444 ge switch lockout guard Heavy Duty Control Switch Lockout / Guard

NEW! Heavy Duty solid aluminum red anodized circuit breaker lockout / guard for your critical applications. No need to remove any hardware or screws. Designed for GE control switches but works with many types of pistol grip control handles.

469A449 Control Switch Training AidControl Switch Training Aid

For use as demo training aid for Lockout Tagout Safety Training and Certification Programs.