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lockout devicePart# 469A441:  Circuit Breaker Guard / Lockout Device  – IN STOCK

$19.10/ea – Each package includes individual device, hinges, screws, and Quick Start Guide.

469A444 Heavy Duty LockoutPart# 469A444:  Heavy Duty Circuit Breaker Guard / Lockout  – IN STOCK

$28.00/ea – Each package includes individual device and Quick Start Guide.

Heavy Duty Lockout Guard GE 469A441 469A444 CUSTOM DESIGNS 

$Call or email for project pricing –  Custom designed solutions for your specific needs. (Item shown here is a custom solution for a facility that needed a “slip-on” attachment to their escutcheons) Email us a photo, drawing, or even a sketch of what you need and we’ll work on a solution.

469A449 Control Switch Training AidPart# 469A449:  Lockout Training Aid   –  IN STOCK

$249/ea – Each demo unit includes box, handle, control switch, lockout device, and padlock.

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