469A444 Heavy Duty Lockout Guard GE Control Switch

Circuit Breaker Lockout Device – Product Description

Part# 469A444

NEW!  Heavy Duty Lockout:  p/n 469A444 for GE Control Switch, also works with other pistol grip control type handles as both a lockout and/or a guard against unintentional bumps.

This heavy duty industrial circuit breaker lockout device is easy to install and installs in minutes.

Heavy Duty Lockout 469A444 GE Switch

Heavy Duty Lockout 469A444


Easy to install: Remove top two screws from your existing handle, align the lockout device into place and tighten the screws. Place your padlock through the holes to lockout.  Quick and easy installation. Place your order and install as soon as they arrive.

Works with GE SBM, GE SB-1 GE SB-9, GE SB-10 and other small, medium, or large control handles, and other pistol grip handles like this:

ge heavy duty lockout handle circuit breaker lockout

Heavy Duty Lockout Guard GE 469A441 469A444

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Made in the U.S.A.

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